Don't Tread On Me!


    On August 26, 2017, from 6 to 10pm, at Construct event building in Nashville Tennessee, American Artist and Illustrator Xavier Payne will hold a visual exhibition of works collectively known as "Don't Tread On Me!" The art exhibition will examine the social,  cultural, and economic climate within the Black American community in Nashville.

    "The first mission of DTOM! is to exalt Black excellence in Nashville in relation to the history of the United States. The narrative of Black Americans has centered around the battle to gain one's own sense of independence and identity, and I find that battle strikingly similar to the attitudes of America's founding fathers."


   "DTOM!'s second mission is to raise awareness of the state of Black Nashvillians in terms of socioeconomic status. The rapidly changing and growing city of Nashville is not thriving without a cost. History tends to repeat itself, and it seems that the predominately Black areas experience the most drastic changes in these times of growth, as we are the most economically exposed racial group. It is my genuine concern that the few Black-owned businesses in these Black populated areas of Nashville will suffer under the weight of the changing times."

    DTOM! will feature thoughtful, introspective and historically cognizant works of art. XPayne works with paper and wood materials to make collages; As a designer his work expands to garments and fabrics for t-shirts and dresses. Lastly, DTOM! will feature paintings on wood panels.

    Xavier Payne (XPayne) is an illustrator and painter from Nashville, Tennessee. His work expresses a youthful and ambitious perspective through color, pop culture, and figures that imply a narrative. Xavier has built an artistic resume that includes projects for Spike Lee's 40 Acres and a Mule Studio, Issa Rae's HBO hit Insecure,, and The Source Magazine. His goal is to become a globally exhibiting fine artist and illustrator.

   Original Don't Tread on me Flag designed by Christopher Gadsend     in 1775 during the Revolutionary War

Original Don't Tread on me Flag designed by Christopher Gadsend in 1775 during the Revolutionary War