Xavier Payne is passionate about creating artwork with a nostalgic quality and rich colors. Inspired by American movie posters and album covers from every era, he likes to create narratives with his work and mixing subject matter such as, but not limited to: fantasy, violence, human rights, love & hate, race, identity, and pop culture of different generations.

Xavier’s creative skill-set is ever-growing as he strives to bring all of them together harmoniously through his work. While every piece employs different techniques used in a seamless manner, most pieces begin with drawing on paper. Then he transfers his drawings to wood or simply renders them them as digital illustrations. If a drawing is transferred to wood he uses acrylic paint, marker, and cut paper to make a picture. He often uses Adobe Illustrator to create “digital paintings” and “digital blueprints” to plan color schemes and composition.

A well-rounded, Black-American perspective is important to Xavier’s personal goals as he develops his catalogue of work and exhibitions. He often refers to his work as “Black-Pop,” which is a word that focuses on the value of African American influence on American Popular culture.

XPayne is an emerging creative name in Nashville, Tennessee. His goal (in part) is to become a globally exhibiting illustrator and artist.

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